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More than just ★★★★★ ratings! Hear from fans about what made these films so special to them.

The Breakfast Club

Rewatching John Hughes’ 1985 classic The Breakfast Club is an odd experience. One part of my brain appreciates the films lasting legacy as a summation of teen angst amidst 1980’s iconography.

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Alex Garland’s second feature as director, Annihilation (2018), follows on from the promise of Ex-Machina (2014) as he delivers a wondrously crafted and thought-provoking thriller that examines grief, existentialism and the human penchant for self-destruction with stunning visual flare.

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Shutter Island

It’s easy to dismiss Martin Scorsese’s 2010 psychological neo-noir thriller Shutter Island as an exercise in over-the-top B movie clichés, but the film stands as a masterclass in cinematic misdirection.

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Yuli is an unflinching biopic inspired by the life of renowned Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta. Raised by his neighbourhood in Havana, Carlos finds success when his father (played by Santiago Alfonso) notices his dancing talent and forces him to attend Cuba's National Dance School.

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