Five Advances In Technology For Film

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It’s still incredible to see how far technology has come in general, just over the past five years. What is brand new now, may not be in a year or two’s time. But when it comes to the film industry, what advancements in technology have been made in relation to film?

3D Technology

The allure of 3D technology in the form of those clunky and very uncomfortable glasses has sort of lost its charm and excitement. However, there is now research being conducted on creating 3D films that don’t require glasses of any kind. Yes, that’s right, we could be seeing films in the future that literally jump out from the screen. Imagine having that feature put onto a horror film?! It’s one step towards a more realistic and immersive experience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has recently had a spike in interest and the way we view films could change dramatically thanks to virtual reality. Instead of heading to the cinema to share a screen with hundreds of others, you could be sitting down to wear an individual headset that puts you right here in the middle of the action. This could be huge for action and adventures genres, with fans wanting to get involved. This could also mean that more of us go back to the cinema, rather than waiting for a DVD release because it’s cheaper.


Drones have become very handy in creating visual shots that simply can’t be achieved by other forms of filming equipment. Although lately, drones have often been in the press for negative reasons, it seems like drones are now being used more by those on low-budget productions and indie film-makers. With so many companies and manufacturers popping up, these once expensive pieces of equipment, have become a lot more affordable to the everyday individual.

Audience Participation Films

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With Netflix’s latest Black Mirror creation, Bandersnatch, we’ve seen a clear popularity for audience participation films, where the viewer is choosing their own path for the characters in the story. Of course, these films become more complex to configure for those producing it, but perhaps this is what is going to appeal to the masses and draw in future generations. After all, those who have grown up with technology, have higher expectations for what’s available, than we used to have ten years ago.

Smart Phones For Filming

Smartphones have quickly become a suitable alternative to professional film-making equipment, and it has paved the way for many indie and aspiring film-makers to get their content seen. As camera quality improves on mobile phones, we will probably see entire feature films being shot on a phone. It’s a more personal and intimate experience and one that is likely to only increase in popularity.

To be living in this current era is extremely exciting. We’re seeing technology changing rapidly before our eyes and who knows what could be just around the corner for the film industry. Time will certainly tell, but the future is looking very promising already.


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