Greek Weird Wave (2009 – )

Greek Weird Wave - So The Theory Goes

Public tragedy has a long history of inspiring and driving artists to create masterpieces. A cinematic upheaval, the Greek Weird Wave, was therefore hardly surprising in the wake of the country’s financial crisis, which began in late 2009.

The wave’s odd narrative and character choices, which mirror the unstable and turbulent atmosphere of the country and its society, earned it the moniker “Weird.” Most of these films were shot on a shoestring budget, despite their gaining profile among worldwide audiences.

Despite this, this aspect offered a unique twist to the movement and ultimately became a defining feature of the trend. Yorgos Lanthimos and Panos Koutras are two of the most famous filmmakers to draw inspiration from the crisis in their homeland.

This article will focus on their latest works and discuss how they contributed to what is known as Greek Weird Wave.

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