History of Warner Bros

Warner Bros

In the beginning, there were four brothers, Sam, Jack, Harry, and Albert. Jack Warner was the most outlandish of his brothers, cracking jokes and creating enemies wherever he went. In fact, it seemed as if he was the spokesperson for the budding film conglomerate. Sam, Harry, and Albert, on the other hand, were the ones who had started it all out.

Back in Youngstown, Ohio, Sam was the first to stumble onto a Kinetoscope. After that, just like Laemmle and Fox, the Warner brothers set up their own Nickelodeon. As their business grew, the Warner brothers never tried to set themselves up as “genteel figures”, just like their predecessors.

Warner Bros: The Rise into Fame

When the Warners began producing their own films, their first major film was released in 1918. It was based on the memoirs of a former American ambassador, My Four Years in Germany. However, it was in the year 1927 that their business really boomed.

As Sam and Jack Warner tried to promote their films, they were keen on using radio as a means for advertisements, that was when they hired Major Nathan Levinson, who was a young sound engineer. He set up the Warner brothers’ first radio station, called KFWB. Inspired by Levinson’s work, Sam Warner visited the Bell Laboratories, in New York. While he was there, Sam was introduced to a device that synchronized sound and moving pictures. Thus the potential for talking films was born.

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