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There is nothing Hollywood loves more than a story about Hollywood.

Hollywood, the centre of American cinema, fills the minds of audiences with all manner of fantastical tales. However, Hollywood is more than just a place where dreams are realised; it is a dream in and of itself. A neighbourhood of Los Angeles where artists of all stripes congregate to forge connections and realise their dreams. It’s where aspiring actors, musicians, and other creative types go to realise their childhood ambitions of being famous. So it’s no surprise that so many films have Hollywood as their setting.

This hollywood movies list article will highlight some of the (many) films that are centred around Hollywood.

Hollywood Movies List

babylon 8IuMsW

Director Damien Chazelle is coming back to highlight once again the wealth and glamour of the Los Angeles area. Set in the 1920s, when the cinema industry was transitioning from silent to talkies, Babylon explores the early days of Hollywood’s Golden Age. It traces the rise and fall of a wide cast of real and imagined characters including John Gilbert, a silent cinema star whose popularity waned when talkies became more popular.

Chazelle has established himself as a respected director and filmmaker in the industry. It certainly helps that his three previous feature films combined for a whopping 23 Oscar nominations. On top of that, he grabbed 10 wins out of 23 nominations.

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