Italian Neorealism (1943 – 1952)

Italian Neorealism - So The Theory Goes - Evolution of Cinema

The 1940s saw the emergence of the Italian Neorealist film. Films in this style often depict the struggles of Italy’s working class. The Italian Neorealism movement’s origins can be traced back to Italy after World War II when many of its citizens struggled to make ends meet.

Non-professional actors were used, scenes were shot on location, lines of dialogue were made up on the spot, and there was no moral censorship in the films.

The History of Italian Neorealism

After WWII, not only did Mussolini’s government fall to the wrecking ball but so did the Italian state itself. All of Italy’s film studios were bombed so that no more classic Italian films would be made.

Significant changes occurred in local cinema after Mussolini fell from power in 1943, giving rise to a new genre in the entertainment industry. The film industry was rocked by this brand-new movement in Italy and the countries to its immediate north and south.

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