Director Profile: Michel Gondry

MIchel Gondry

In modern cinema, there are few directors that get the luxury of applying their true vision to film. Many can pick and choose their favorite costumes, designs, and props, but as with most things, these choices are often juggled between financial obligations. Michel Gondry is a director that clearly has little interest in the financial gain of cinema, and more importantly, uses his creative nature to produce a variety of interesting works.

Gondry’s Point of View

Michel Gondry’s early directing career was centred around the band Oui Oui, for which he was the drummer and music video director. His videos tended to include animation and gave Gondry the opportunity to experiment with different techniques. When the band split up, he continued to create music videos, beginning with his now long-time collaborator Bjork. This led to opportunities to create videos for a range of high-profile bands including the Foo Fighters and Daft Punk. Each of these videos allowed Gondry to investigate different techniques that he would later use in his films.

In 2001 Gondry made his first feature Human Nature written by Charlie Kaufman, whom he would work with again on his second feature Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). Since then he has gone on to work on a number of features, documentaries, and shorts such as The Science of Sleep, Be Kind Rewind, and Mood Indigo.

His Signature


Michel Gondry generally creates drama with splashes of comedy and fantasy. His films are typically centered around people’s mindset towards a situation, with the audience able to see into the characters’ thoughts by using a combination of live-action and animation.

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