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What We Do
Film Theory - Resources - Movie Lover - Movie Fan

Explaining the theoretical stuff in a way that just makes sense! Our articles cover Film Concepts, Film Techniques, Genres and Representation.

Film Analysis - Film Reviews - Resources for Movie Fans

Interviewing film directors, writers, editors and film crew from around the world. Read the director profiles for in-depth explorations of their work.

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Learning about film shouldn’t break the bank. Our ebooks are affordable, making it easy for anyone to start their film education.

Where to Start

Not sure where to begin? These articles should help…

The Evolution of Cinema – timeline of Film Eras + Movements from 1800s to today

How To Watch A Film

The Ultimate Guide to Film Genres and Subgenres – explainer on films genres and common tropes

Auteur Theory: The Influence of the Director – explainer on the traditional idea of Auteurs, and how different departments influence the overall film

Documentary Mode: Film Theory Explained

Top 50 Must See Films for Newbies

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We’ve put together this collection of resources, perfect for any introduction into film theory and filmmaking. The resources, podcasts and books below are all recommendations we’ve tried out ourselves (and can vouch for!) 

Please note though – this section does contains affiliate links. So The Theory Goes may receive a commission for purchases made through these links (at no extra cost to you, of course! 🙂)

MUBI for Watching Films
A curated collection of films for all audiences, and students get a discount on the monthly subscription. MUBI makes it easy to find and watch classics, plus you get a cinema ticket every week on MUBI GO. The film profile pages are a good source of film information too.

PRIME VIDEO for Watching Films
Their film collection is getting bigger, and having the MUBI, Fandor, BFI Player+ and Curzon channels available there as add-ons makes a big difference. Try their free trial and see how you like it!

MILANOTE for Taking Notes, Film Storyboarding
We are currently obsessed with Milanote for storing film notes, images, storyboards, and just generally planning film related projects. If you are a visual person, preferring to see all of your files in one place, this is the perfect tool for you. New filmmaker? Their storyboard template boards are *chef’s kiss*

BOOKSHOP.ORG for Books and Magazines
If you prefer to take in books over audiobooks, then we recommend You can search their website for script books, film adaptations, textbooks, all while supporting local independent bookshops. We’ve curated a list of resources below to get you started.

LIBBY for *FREE* Film Audiobooks, Magazines and eBooks
Have an existing library card? Use the Libby app to access thousands of titles for free! They offer audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, documents and more under one umbrella – ideal for studying or citing sources.

AUDIBLE – for Film Audiobooks
Another great resource for audiobooks – if you prefer to take in audiobooks over books, then Audible is ideal! They have one of the biggest collections of audiobooks out there, and the Plus catalogue is available to paid subscribers at no extra cost. Our favourites include Creativity Inc. (all about Pixar’s history), Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and the Heist podcast with actor Sir Micheal Caine from the Italian Job.

FilmCraft series [They are tough to track down, but we highly recommend them!]

Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts by Hayward Susan

Into The Woods: How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them by John Yorke

Filmmakers on Film by David Jenkins

Cinema Speculation by Quentin Tarantino

Cinema: The Whole Story by Christopher Frayling

How to Read a Film: The World of Movies, Media, and Beyond by James Monaco

The Looking Machine: Essays on Cinema, Anthropology and Documentary Filmmaking by David MacDougall

The Cinema Book by Pam Cook

The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories by Christopher Booker

Audience-ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love by Kevin Goetz

Return of the Monstruous-Feminine: Feminist New Wave Cinema by Barbara Creed

In The Blink of An Eye by Walter Murch

The Town with Matthew Belloni: Film/Entertainment industry insights

Truth & Movies: A Little White Lies Podcast: Film news and interviews

The Rewatchables: Film recommendations and commentary

The Empire Film Podcast: Film news and interviews

You’re Wrong About: Commentary – The Hays Code episode debunks myths around film ratings

What Went Wrong: Film commentary

House of R: Film commentary

The Ringer-Verse: Film recommendations and commentary

The Call Sheet with Kris Tapley: Film news and interviews

The Big Picture: Film recommendations and commentary

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