EYES WIDE SHUT: A Cinematic Fever Dream

Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick and his films have seen their fair share of criticism. Critics consistently doubted his work every time a new project was released. This was also the case with his penultimate film Eyes Wide Shut, which he co-wrote, directed and produced.

About Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut introduces audiences to a married couple, Dr Bill and Alice Harford. The pair immediately give off the impression that their relationship has flatlined. From the opening scene showing the couple getting ready for a party, they do not appear to feel passionate about one another. This is especially true for Alice. It then comes as little surprise (except to Bill) when she later admits to desiring another man.

At this news, Bill becomes distressed and uses a medical late-night call from a client as an excuse to run away. From that moment he experiences a break from reality. This allows him to fantasise about pursuing sexual desires outside of his marriage, just like his wife had described.

Eyes Wide Shut: A Dream?

While there are many themes at work within Eyes Wide Shut, it is, in essence, a dream and should be treated as such. Not only are there hints of this from within the structure of the narrative, but Kubrick also leaves clues intentionally placed within the mise en scène for audiences to pick up on.

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