Director Profile: Terry Gilliam

His visuals and his narrative style have defined Terry Gilliam’s films as ‘cult’ as opposed to the mainstream and it’s easy to see why.

Terry Gilliam is a director who has continually abandoned cinematic norms in both visuals and narrative. His films are a constant questioning force that is often open to interpretation and has Gilliam’s artistic tastes splayed across them. He has often been viewed negatively by production studios for going widely over-budget to get his vision on screen.

Terry Gilliam’s Point of View

Terry Gilliam was born in Minnesota on the 22nd of November 1940. However, in the ’60s, Gilliam moved to England and got a job as an animator on the TV show ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ which included Gilliam’s visual animation style that would carry across to his years working on Monty Python and beyond.

Gilliam’s freedom to express his ideas during this time was second-to-none, and the friendships he made with his co-workers would help him in life to pursue directing.

His Signature


Terry Gilliam’s films mainly fall into the Fantasy, Drama, and Comedy genres. The fantasy elements are usually the most striking, and although comedy is involved, despite his years working on Monty Python, it is often dark humor or visual comedy.

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