THE FORTY YEAR OLD VERSION: Sharp Satire from Director Radha Blank

The Forty Year Old Version
The Forty Year Old Version sees writer/director Radha Blank shine both in front of and behind the camera.

The Forty Year Old Version confronts the tough realities of being an ageing black female in the creative industries.

This is a semi-autobiographical story for Radha Blank who comes from a theatre background and has experienced firsthand many of the setbacks the protagonist experiences in the film. Referring to her portrayal as an “elevated version of self”, she boldly takes on sexism, racism, and ageism with spectacular effect.

Radha plays an unsuccessful NY playwright, who is struggling to revive her career before 40. She is unfulfilled by her work in theatre and uninspired in her teaching role at a local high school. Met with numerous setbacks in her professional and personal life, she turns to Hip Hop to rediscover her voice.

Music is the backbone of the film. It is what Radha uses to address many of the creative struggles she experiences. It also sets the scene for her triumphant journey of self-expression and self-acceptance.

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