Top 5 Strangely Wonderful Romantic Movies

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Romantic Films
We’re rounding up our favourite (whimsical) romantic movies:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is an unconventional love story but through its surreal journey, it has a very interesting love story at its core. Revolving around two characters who go through a procedure to remove memories of their relationship together when it turns bitter, we see them also go through the discovery of what they lost by doing that. It shows that through all the ups and downs involved in a relationship, we shouldn’t ever forget what they do for us.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Top 5 Romantic Movies

Breakfast at Tiffany’s came out over 50 years ago but there is something about this love story that is ageless. Centring around two drifters, call girl Holly and writer Fred, it’s a movie that slowly lets the audience realise that they’re more similar than they first realise which makes their love story all the more compelling as they get to know, need and love each other. As its Moon River song says: ‘Two drifters off to see the world’ and we’re willing to see that world with them.

About Time

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Again, a romantic movie with an interesting gimmick. About Time is about Tim and he learns from his father that the men in his family can time travel and naturally, Tim uses that ability to improve his life and the others around him. Is it a sappy film? Yes, but through its British charm and loveable characters, this movie is very touching despite its occasional time-traveling plot holes. Its character moments are the strongest parts of the story and as such its messages about love and time will melt hearts.


titanic RcrJCY
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While there will always be a debate about whether this movie is truly great or massively overrated, there is no denying that Titanic has a really strong romantic plot. Focusing on Rose and Jack who fall in love but are torn apart by social class and ultimately the sinking of the ship. There is always something compelling about the star-crossed romance and this is it at its finest. It makes the tragedy of the Titanic sinking more resonant with the viewer and may cause tears to shed as a result. The impact that those two young lovers have on each other’s lives means that they will carry each other in their hearts forever and ultimately so will we?

500 Days of Summer

Top 5 Romantic Movies
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500 Days of Summer looks at the relationship between Tom and Summer through the course of 500 days. This movie is so not a Hollywood romance that it will truly break your heart with how brutally real this movie gets with showing how Tom’s expectations never truly align with reality. It’s not cynical as there are very quirky and heartwarming moments to be found in 500 Days of Summer which makes it really endearing and it doesn’t dismiss the idea of true love at all. Its message ultimately is that even though not every relationship works out the way we like, the next one just might if our expectations and reality are aligned properly

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