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The release of Dune: Part Two is a spectacular event that has reignited passion for the storied franchise. This sequel expands the universe created by Frank Herbert and adapted by Denis Villeneuve, offering audiences a continuation of the epic journey. With its cutting-edge visuals and profound narrative, Dune: Part Two has solidified its place in the pantheon of sci-fi masterpieces, propelling viewers into the vastness of the cosmos and the complexity of human nature. The impact on the franchise is undeniable, as it not only introduces new fans to the world of Arrakis but also rejuvenates the fervour of long-time enthusiasts.

Each film selected in the list below share themes, aesthetics, or narrative ambition of the Dune universe. Whether you’re new to the science fiction genre or a film buff, these films promise to take you on journeys that resonate with the heart of this saga.

Essential Films to Continue Your Adventure

DUNE | Credit: Warner Bros.
DUNE | Credit: Warner Bros.

The original Dune film directed by David Lynch in 1984 is where the cinematic journey began. Though met with mixed reviews at the time, its bold vision and unique interpretation of Herbert’s novel have garnered it a cult following. Its visual style, although dated by today’s standards, still captures the imagination with its otherworldly landscapes and intricate costume designs. The film’s narrative complexity and the director’s distinct approach to storytelling make it a must-watch, especially for those interested in seeing a different take on the same source material explored in Dune: Part Two.


Arrival, yet another Denis Villeneuve-directed film, delves into the realm of linguistics and first contact with extraterrestrial life. Its focus on communication, understanding, and time presents a cerebral narrative that aligns with Dune’s exploration of human potential and interaction with the alien. It is a testament to the power of language, and how they can bridge the divide between vastly different species, much like the political and cultural negotiations seen in the Dune series.

Neo-noir - Blade Runner
BLADE RUNNER 2049 | Credit: Warner Bros.
Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049, another masterpiece by Denis Villeneuve, is a visually stunning sequel to Ridley Scott’s original 1982 film. It extends the themes of identity, consciousness, and humanity into a dystopian future where bioengineered humans are indistinguishable from their creators. The film’s philosophical themes echo the existential questions posed in Dune: Part Two. It’s a journey through a future that is both bleak and beautiful, filled with thought-provoking parallels to the saga.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring brings J.R.R. Tolkien‘s fantasy epic to life with grandeur and detail that rival the scope of Dune: Part Two. The intricate world-building, the struggle against overwhelming odds, and the fellowship formed between diverse characters draw parallels to the alliances and conflicts within the Dune universe. This film launches viewers into a richly developed world teeming with history, languages, and cultures that provide a satisfying breadth akin to what Dune: Part Two achieves within its own universe.

Children of Men
CHILDREN OF MEN | Credit: Universal Pictures
Children of Men

Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men takes place in a future where humanity is grappling with infertility and societal collapse. The film’s realism and long, uninterrupted shots create an immersive experience that echoes the intense atmosphere of Dune: Part Two. The quest for survival and hope in Children of Men resonates with the struggle for resources and power central to the narrative.

This collection of films serves as a bridge to further explore themes of human nature, society, and the cosmos, much like Dune: Part Two does within the science fiction genre. From the mythic landscapes of Dune and The Lord of the Rings to the futuristic worlds of Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival, each film complements the Dune universe in its own unique way.

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