What To Watch After… Poor Things

Poor Things

Dark comedies and fantasy films often blend humour with a sense of whimsy or the supernatural. They create worlds where the rules are different from our own. This allows audiences to explore complex themes like love, death, and identity in ways that can be both thought-provoking and highly entertaining.

Films like Poor Things are part of this tradition. Their quirky characters often find themselves in bizarre situations that tell us something about the human condition. The genre’s flexibility enables filmmakers to craft unique stories that stay with viewers long after the credits roll.

Emma Stone in Poor Things
POOR THINGS | Credit: Searchlight Pictures

5 Dark and Quirky Films to Enjoy After Poor Things

The Lobster

The Lobster is a film that challenges the concept of societal norms regarding relationships. Set in a dystopian future, it tells the story of a man who must find a romantic partner within 45 days or be transformed into an animal. With dry wit and surreal scenarios, The Lobster offers a unique take on the pressures of conformity and the fear of being alone.

Director Yorgos Lanthimos (who also directs Poor Things) creates a world that is both strange and familiar. The film’s deadpan delivery adds to its charm, making it a standout example of how dark comedy can be used to explore the absurdities of love and life.

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