The Writer’s Strike and What It Means for Films

Writer's Strike - Essay - writer's strike

On Tuesday May 2, 2023, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) declared an end to wage negotiations with companies such as Disney and Netflix, which had lasted 15 years. The writer’s strike will undoubtedly last well into the summer. After the WGA threatened to protest the Barker Hangar production of the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the presentation was shifted from a live event to a televised broadcast. Jennifer Coolidge accepted the special Comedic Genius award on Sunday night at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and used her acceptance speech to express her support for the writers’ strike. Read on to find out how it will impact your favourite upcoming films.

Writer's Strike - Essay - writer's strike

Writer’s Strike Explained

If the strikers and the other party cannot reach an agreement, the authors will go on strike. Until the membership of the WGA votes to end the strike, no WGA member will write new screenplays for television or film. Consequently, the majority of authors will be unable to profit from their work.

Members of the WGA will continue to work in broadcast television, radio, streaming news, internet media, nonfiction podcasts, nonfiction television, and public television.

What will be the implications of the Writer’s Strike on films?

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Seasons of scripted sitcoms and dramas may be shortened or production placed on pause. If the strike persists into the summer, it will result in the delay of the autumn season of broadcast television. It is because the preparations begin in late spring and summer.

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